History of our Reading Desk


From the Files of the Rotary Club of Ayr, Scotland

The following article comes from the files of the Rotary Club of Ayr, Scotland, and tells the historyof our Reading Desk. It was sent to the Rotary Club of Ayr Queensland, by P.P. Jimmy Begg, Rotary Club of Ayr, Scotland.

Presentation to the Rotary Club of Ayr, Queensland

At the Club Assembly in 1946, Past President John W. Robertson suggested that as a token of appreciation of the generosity of the Rotary Club of Ayr, Queensland, Australia in sending food parcels, the Club should present the Australian Club with some tangible gift. After due consideration it was decided to have made and sent to Australia a Reading Desk which could become a permanent feature of the Queensland Club’s meetings.

Col. R. W. Paton undertook to have a desk made, the base which would be of wood taken from oak cradles of the Auld Brig of Ayr (1440). The desk would also bear the Rotary Emblem, the Seal of the Royal Burgh of Ayr and a silver plate bearing the appropriate legend.

AT the Christmas Luncheon Meeting on 22nd December, 1947, President Nicol Watson called upon his Immediate Past President, Alfred T. Scott to present the Desk to Past President John W. Robertson who received it on behalf of the Australian Club and undertook to have it forwarded to them.

Presentation of the Desk in Scotland


A record of the proceedings and speeches made on the occasion are in the Club files. The presentation of the desk was mentioned in a programme “The Two AYRS’ carried on the Pacific Network B.B.C. to Australia on the 8th January, 1948 following when Rotarian J. Letham Connell and P.P. Alfred T. Scott were the speakers. A copy of Rotarian Connell’s talk and the correspondence regarding the desk is in the Club Files. It was some considerable time before the receipt of the Desk was acknowledged. At a later date (1963) when the Club was informed that the silver plate attached to the desk had gone missing, the Club sent a replacement. In June 1970, President Hugh McLachlan had a call from a member of the Queensland Club who confirmed that the desk was still in use.




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